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Looking to modify, upgrade or repair 2008 Subaru Legacy?

Looking to modify, upgrade, or simply repair you 2008 Subaru Legacy? Come check out for your needs. We have the parts you need at the prices you are looking for. Each part comes direct from a Subaru dealer or manufacturer. Our 2008 Subaru Legacy  accessories include major items such as paint/touch up materials, mirrors, interior needs (seat covers, rearview mirrors, etc.), and lighting. The reason you may need these items could be to improve the car for you, before you sell it, or before you show it off. The best part about the accessories is that most of them at do it yourself (DIY). This means you can cut the cost of a mechanic. For basic installs, you can contact our friendly customer support, or speak with your local Subaru dealer, or whom you have purchased the vehicle from.  Disclaimer: This depends on what type of warranty you have on your Subaru.

The accessories sold will make your car look nicer, carry a higher value, and turn more heads on the road. We also sell power modifications, suspension improvements, more powerful brakes, and any need you may have.

Remember that we put quality and cost first. Thank you for considering for your needs. Remember to tell a friend.

Subaru Engine

The Subaru is a great car that promised security and reliability. If you need a new Subaru engine, take a look at our online catalog at Our immense warehouse has parts and accessories that are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. Our parts are all designated OEM, or original manufacturer equipment. That’s our guarantee that we sell only the best quality products.

By looking at our online catalog, you can view the engines that we have in stock for models like the Forester, WRX, Outback, and more. Search by year and then model to see a general list of items. To find a specific product, simply click on the name of the category. For example, the “engine and transmission” category contains all of the parts you would need to rebuild one or buy one new.

One of our top priorities is keeping updated with the most current trends. We visit expos and stay connected to news releases regarding those styles that will soon hit the market. We stock new and popular lights, rims, wheels, mufflers, spoilers, paint and more.

If you have trouble at any time, let us know. Our team is highly trained in vehicle repair and can not only help you pick the right part, but we can also locate one if we don’t have it in stock.

Subaru Outback Timing Belt

If you need a new Subaru Outback timing belt kit, you have come to the right place. Here at, we offer everything you need to get your vehicle back running at top performance levels.

Out timing belts kits come complete with timing belt, idler pulleys, belt tensioner with integral arm actuator or hydraulic tensioner, and complete detailed instructions. They are guaranteed to fit or your money back.

We carry a full line of timing belt kits for your Outback and all other Subaru vehicles. The parts included in the kits are factory approved OEM authentic parts. We know they will fit, because they were designed specifically for your vehicle.

We can help you find all the parts you need, and even help guide you through the installation process. Our team of parts specialists is always ready to help answer any of your parts questions. Just click the contact us link to be directed to someone who can help. Every question is given the respect it deserves and answered as a priority. We are here to help, that is our job, so utilize our knowledge and expertise.

Subaru Engines

Here at we understand the importance of quality parts for your Subaru engines. We can help you find the exact parts you need, or get you a brand new engine for your vehicle. We carry Subaru engines and parts for all Subaru engines.

If you need a two-stroke or four-stroke two-cylinder engine, we got it. If you need a six-cylinder engine, we got that too. We have everything you need to get your engine running perfectly again, or that new engine you have been wanting to make your vehicle run like new.

Identifying your engine is easy. The first letter “E” stands for engine. The second letter displays the engine family. The next two digits indicate the engines displacement, and the optional fifth character displays identifiers, such as turbo, fuel injected, etc.

If you have any trouble finding the parts or the engine you need, contact us. We will be happy to help you identify your engine and make sure you get the right parts. We work hard to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. That means delivering only quality OEM parts with the best possible customer service.

Subaru Engine Rebuild

Do you want to rebuild your Subaru’s engine? Then come take a look at our online catalog, available to you at Browsing costs nothing and can give you great ideas. If you are less experienced, feel free to contact us to ask questions. We can help you find which part you need and locate it if we do not currently have it in stock.

Subaru is known for its superior safety ratings. Every part, nut and bolt serves a purpose and is designed with specific safety features in mind. When you buy from us, you can be sure that all of our parts and accessories are genuine, OEM parts. They come straight from the factory and are guaranteed to not be cheap replicas.

Those who know how to do a Subaru engine rebuild can find specific parts and accessories by doing a quick search. To browse our extensive list of Subaru parts and accessories, click on the corresponding tab on our webpage. There, you can then select your year and model Subaru. We have parts for the Outback to the Forester, WRX, Outlander and more. In terms of years, we have the latest models to the parts and accessories going back to the 1980s.

Subaru Cylinder Heads

If you’re looking for Subaru cylinder heads, then you must visit us at to see our discounted prices. Our online catalog is super easy to use and makes buying numerous parts easy. To just search by a part number, you can input it right on the main screen or by clicking the tabs for “parts” or “accessories.” If you have numerous part numbers, you can submit all of them at once, too. If you have a quote number, a search box enables you to find that information as well.

If you like fashionable vehicles that exhibit the auto industry’s newest trends, check out our massive inventory. We pride ourselves in offering those hot styles that have heads turning. We stay current of popular and new vehicle trends. We like to always update our inventory to ensure we have items like special spoilers, lights, panels, paint and much more.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to give us a call or send us a message. Our team is trained to locate any part or accessory that you may need. If we don’t have it in our stock house, we can send it to you as fast as possible.

Subaru Cylinder Head

Those of us here at specialize in providing those parts and accessories for Subarus that you need. If you have to buy a Subaru cylinder head, check out our online catalog. We have everything from engines to bumpers, both for the outside and inside of your vehicle. A cylinder head is the type of part that you want to ensure is going to work. Why spend precious time and labor doing a repair that will cause problems in the future? With us, you are buying quality.

Repair shops and mechanics know the importance of using parts that are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. That’s why we promise our customers only the best Subaru parts and accessories that are high-quality, reliable and durable. OEM parts, or original equipment manufacturer parts, come from the factory. Cheap reproductions can risk the safety and overall quality of your repair.

If you are a frequent customer, set up an account for even easier and faster transactions in the future. By saving your shipping and billing information, you can make buying parts a hassle-free experience. We respect your privacy and never share your information. Our secure servers will ensure that your information is safe, too.

Subaru Crankshaft

A vehicle’s crankshaft plays a very important role. Those of us at take pride in stocking a huge warehouse of genuine Subaru parts and accessories. If you need a replacement Subaru crankshaft, take a look at our online catalog to see what we can help you with. Our prices are discounted to keep our customers satisfied.

The crankshaft connects and works with numerous other parts of the car that, together, put it into motion. It is part of the engine and functions to make the pistons move along the cylinders in such a way that they rotate.

If you need to do a repair on one of these parts, we provide an easy-to-use online catalog. Search it by first selecting the type of Subaru that you have from the menu.

Then select the year. The parts page will show all of the categories available for you to buy. The crankshaft is in the engine category. To order replacement parts, simply click on that category and you’ll see a complete list of parts available specifically for your vehicle. Search for a wide variety of models across a range of years.

Subaru Wiper Blades Inspection

There are a couple of times of year that you may want to inspect your Subaru wiper blades to be sure they are not worn and working properly.  One is early spring, when rains in certain regions can increase and be heavy.  The other is before the beginning of winter, just prior to sleet and snow.  These are times when a driver needs to be sure they have good vision with more extreme driving conditions.

Allow to help you with obtaining the precise wiper blades your vehicle needs.  Also, the intricate assembly diagrams can provide help pertaining to the wiper arm or other minor parts that may need replaced.  Don’t risk good vision when driving just because of damaged blades.  A small amount of money can replace your wiper blades and avoid having a collision.

Remember that wiper blades are sold individually and usually not in sets of two.  If one blade wears more than the other, then it may be necessary to check the blade arm or assembly for damage or deterioration also.  Please allow our Sales Support team to help if you have any questions or need further information.

Lengthen Vehicle Performance: Do-It-Yourself Subaru Transmission Fluid Change

Changing Subaru transmission fluid yourself can lengthen vehicle performance and is very affordable.  The Subaru owner’s manual can advise how often to do this maintenance.  The tougher you are on the transmission due to driving conditions, such as towing, higher speeds and weather; the more frequent changes should be.  Color helps to decide whether to make a change.  If it is bright red and even smells red, meaning a clean smell, it is still usable.  If it is dark, dirty and/or smells burnt, then time for a change.  Always top off a low level and check for leaks.

The owner’s manual can provide information for amount needed when changing and the type needed.  Worn bits or contaminants should be drained out which cause major wear on internal parts.

Most owners want their Subaru to last and work at top performance.  If the time arises for purchasing transmission parts, then we can help you at  Hopefully, with regular preventive maintenance you may not have to shop with us for such parts.  Please remember us for all your Subaru repair and maintenance parts that you require.  Our Sales Support crew can work with you by phone or email.  Let us answer any questions you may have.