Subaru Reward Dollars (Subaru Bucks)

Do you accept Subaru Reward Dollars? (Subaru Bucks)
Sure! We are an authorized Subaru dealer, selling OEM Subaru parts and accessories therefore we can accept them. Please place your order using the "Subaru Reward Dollars" payment method upon checkout. Then mail your Subaru Reward Dollars at least 14 days prior to their expiration to:
Subaru Online Parts
500 South Broadway
Hicksville, NY 11801
Please send a check for any difference above the Subaru reward dollars being provided. Please be advised that we cannot refund a difference if your order total is less than the amount of the Reward dollars sent. The difference will be forfeited. It may take a few additional business days for your order to be processed, as your payment needs to move through the proper channels to be validated and the order be approved by our accounting department. You will receive an order processing confirmation once the payment has been cleared and your order processed.
Please note that we cannot accept expired Subaru Reward Dollars.
** If placing a repair/mechanical parts order please mention within the comments field of your order that your Subaru reward dollars will be mailed in for payment of the order.
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Subaru Bucks
We Accept Subaru Reward Dollars!
We Accept Subaru Reward Dollars